Human resource management: A critical approach.

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Collings, D. G., Wood, G. T., & Szamosi, L. T.
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Despite over three decades of debate around the nature of human resource management (HRM), its intellectual boundaries and its application in practice, the field continues to be dogged by a number of theoretical and practical limitations. Written by an international team of respected scholars, this updated textbook adopts a critical perspective to examine the core management function of HRM in all its complexity – including its darker sides. Human Resource Management: A Critical Approach opens with a critique of the very concept of HRM, tracing its development over time, and then systematically analyses the context of HRM, practice of HRM and international perspectives on HRM. New chapters commissioned for this second edition look at HRM and the issues of diversity, migration, global supply chains and economic crisis. This textbook is essential reading for advanced and inquisitive students of HRM, and for HRM professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the complexities of their field. Table of Contents Chapter 1. Human resource management: a critical approach David G Collings, Geoffrey T. Wood and Leslie T. Szamosi PART I Chapter 2. HRM in changing organisational contexts Phil Johnson and Leslie T. Szamosi Chapter 3. Strategic HRM: a critical review Jaap Paauwe and Corine Boon Chapter 4. HRM and organisational performance Stephen Wood Chapter 5. HRM: an ethical perspective Mick Fryer Chapter 6. HRM practies to diversity management: individualization, precariousness and precarity Darren T. Baker and Elisabeth K. Kelan Chapter 7. Organizational outsourcing and the implications for HRM Fang Lee Cooke Chapter 8. Reconfiguration and regulation of supply chains and HRM in times of economic crisis Phil Johnson, Geoffrey Wood, Pauline Dibben, John Cullen, Juliana Meira, Debby Bonnin, Luiz Miranda, Gareth Crockett and Caroline Linhares Chapter 9. Knowledge and organisational learning and its management through HR practices: a critical perspective Claire Gubbins Chapter 10. HRM in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Tony Dundon and Adrian Wilkinson PART II Chapter 11: Recruitment and selection Rosalind Searle and Rami Al-Sharif Chapter 12: HR planning: institutions, strategy, tools and techniques Zsuzsa Kispal-Vitai and Geoffrey Wood Chapter 13: Performance management Anthony McDonnell, Patrick Gunnigle and Kevin R. Murphy Chapter 14: Reward management Suzanne Richbell and Geoffrey T. Wood Chapter 15: Human resource development Irena Grugulis Chapter 16. Industrial relations and human resource management Gilton Klerck PART III Chapter 17. Human resource management in emerging markets Frank M. Horowitz and Kamel Mellahi Chapter 18. Comparative HRM: the debates and the evidence Chris Brewster and Wolfgang Mayrhofer Chapter 19. International human resource management David G. Collings, Hugh Scullion and Deirdre Curran Chapter 20. HRM in crisis Mathew Johnson and Jill Rubery