Ontological Definition of Governance Framework for Security Policies in Cloud Environments

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Veloudis, Simeon
Paraskakis, I.
Petsos, Christos
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The cloud computing paradigm enables enterprises to realise sig- nificant cost savings whilst boosting their agility and productivity. However, security and privacy concerns generally deter enterprises from migrating their critical data to the cloud. One way to alleviate these concerns, hence bolster the adoption of cloud computing, is to devise adequate security policies that control the manner in which these data are stored and accessed in the cloud. Nevertheless, for enterprises to entrust these policies, a framework capable of providing assurances about their correctness is required. This work proposes such a framework. In particular, it proposes an approach that enables enterprises to define their own view of what consti- tutes a correct policy through the formulation of an appropriate set of well-formedness constraints. These constraints are expressed ontologically thus enabling—by virtue of semantic inferencing— automated reasoning about their satisfaction by the policies
Simeon Veloudis, Iraklis Paraskakis, and Christos Petsos. 2017. Formulating Correct Security Policies for Dynamic Cloud Environments. In Proceedings of 21st Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics, Larisa, Greece, September 2017 (PCI2017), 6 pages.