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Research is one of CSD's core missions. CSD's members disseminate their research efforts through high quality publication outlets (journals and conference proceedings), participate in funded research projects, engage in mutlidisciplinary research, man conference committees , and participate in editorial and administration boards of journals and professional bodies respectively. Overall, CSD aims at developing regional capacity in the uptake and application of ICTs by facilitating the development and enhancement of ICTs for researchers, practitioners, educators and private sector partners involved. A multitude of research areas are covered:

  • Intelligent Agent and Multiagent Systems
    • Agent-based simulation
    • Formal modelling and verification
    • Semantic web
    • Semantic knowledge representation
    • Robotics
  • Biologically Inspired Computing
    • Modelling and computation
    • Formal modelling
    • Complex systems, Emergence
    • Membrane computing
    • Empirical S/W engineering
    • Neural networks, Genetic algorithms
  • Software Engineering
    • Processes and methodologies
    • SOAs and Microservices
    • OO analysis and design techniques
    • Empirical S/W Engineering
  • Formal Methods
    • Modelling
    • Verification
    • Testing
  • Information Security
    • Security frameworks and protocols
    • Formal modeling and verification of security protocols
    • Security in the engineering of software and service systems
  • Networks
    • Sensor Networks
    • Health Monitoring Networks
    • Smart Cities
  • Educational Informatics
    • Virtual Learning Environments
    • Networked and Ambient Learning
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Multiple Teaching Strategies


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