Many Hands Lighter Work? Decipheringthe Relationship between Adverse WorkingConditions and Organization CitizenshipBehaviours in Small and Medium-sizedEnterprises during a Severe Economic Crisis

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Alexandros Psychogios
Margarita NYfoundi
Nicholas Theodorakopoulos
Rea Prouska
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Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd,
What is the relationship between adverse working conditions and employees’ organiza-tional citizenship behaviour (OCB) in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) oper-ating under a severe economic crisis? To address this question, a survey of 312 front-lineworkers was undertaken in 62 Greek SMEs−an instrumental setting where the currentdeterioration of working conditions is acute. Our contribution is twofold. First, we de-velop and test a scale for measuring adverse working conditions. Second, we decipher theextent to which such conditions relate to organizational and individual aspects of OCB,considering job satisfaction’s mediating role. Through this research we extend the OCBliterature within the context of SMEs operating under severe economic crisis and high-light the implications for managing human resources in SMEs, a sector conspicuous forits socio-economic significance and its vulnerability during economic downturns.
Psychogios, A., Nyfoudi, M., Theodorakopoulos, N., Szamosi, L.T. and Prouska, R. (2019), Many Hands Lighter Work? Deciphering the Relationship between Adverse Working Conditions and Organization Citizenship Behaviours in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises during a Severe Economic Crisis. Brit J Manage, 30: 519-537.