). ‘The Use of Songs, Lyrics and Poetry in EFL Teaching and in SLA: Students’ and Teachers’ Views’

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Kanonidou Evanthia and Papachristou Vicky
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LIF – Language in Focus Publications
This paper presents results of a study which assessed students’ and teachers’ views on the use of songs, lyrics and poetry in foreign language teaching. Previous studies have shown that these media can help learners improve English language skills irrespective of age; however, in Greece, no relevant studies have been conducted. This study focuses on Greek learners of English, between 8 and 17 years old, and English language teachers. Data were collected through questionnaires which were disseminated both digitally and in person. They examined whether songs, lyrics and poetry can improve English language skills, whether age plays a role in learning via these means, the possible factors that could encourage or discourage teachers from using them and whether teaching experience would influence their use. The findings revealed that these means could help learners acquire foreign language skills and that they are more widely used by less experienced teachers. Keywords: poems, songs and lyrics, music, EFL, second language acquisition