Supporting Rail Freight Services in Turkey: Private sector perspectives on logistics connectivity issues

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Celebi, D.
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This study explores the current status of rail freight transportation in Turkey, which, despite having once been a dominant mode of land transport, has experienced a substantial decline in its market share. The main aim of this study is to analyse and mitigate the causes that have contributed to the decline in the competitiveness of rail freight. Additionally, this research aims to provide practical solutions for revitalizing the rail freight industry. To achieve this, the research employs a multifaceted approach, involving structured interviews with logistics professionals and industry experts in Turkey, coupled with comprehensive case studies of successful rail initiatives. These methods provide a comprehensive assessment of the current landscape and identify viable strategies for enhancing rail freight competitiveness. The key findings underscore the urgent need for reforms in Turkey's railway sector, emphasizing the importance of improved investment planning, efficient use of rolling stock resources, and the reinforcement of Turkish State Railways' (TCDD) market position. This study concludes that continuous investigation and flexible policy adjustments are essential in order to address issues and ensure the revitalization and growth of the sector. Consequently, this research lays the foundation for future, in-depth examinations and policy refinements, offering valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders in Turkey's evolving transport landscape.
Dilay Çelebi, Supporting rail freight services in Turkey: Private sector perspectives on logistics connectivity issues, Case Studies on Transport Policy, Volume 14, 2023, 101098, ISSN 2213-624X, (