Social Representations of Immigrant Patients: Physicians’ Discourse

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Vasileios Chatzimpyros
Aphrodite Baka
Maria Dikaiou
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With the global increase of migration and the effects of the economic crisis, health systems around the world are facing new challenges. In this context, we investigated the social representations of health provision to immigrant patients, held by physicians. We conducted 40 interviews with Greek physicians working in the public health system, the private health system, the health system in jails, and nongovernmental organizations. Using principles from thematic analysis, results show a social representation of immigrant patients as a burden to the health system. This social representation is constructed by themes focusing on immigrant patients as a group with mental health issues and on the construction of the health system as unable to provide health to noncitizens. Results are discussed in relation to current issues of social exclusion and the need to protect the human right of health.
1. Chatzimpyros V, Baka A, Dikaiou M. Social Representations of Immigrant Patients: Physicians’ Discourse. Qualitative Health Research. 2021;31(4):713-721. doi:10.1177/1049732320979814