Pan-European Entrepreneurial Summer Academies with Impact: The Case of STARTIFY7

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Bibikas, D.
Vorley, T.
Wapshott, R.
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Entrepreneurship is viewed as essential to the future prosperity of Europe and creating societies that are socially and economically inclusive. The information communication technology (ICT) sector has been identified as an area of great entrepreneurial potential for Europe and yet the continent struggles to create global leaders in the digital startup space. In response to this challenge, the European Commission launched its Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan to stimulate and support young people to become entrepreneurs and exploit the potential of ICT, in terms developing new digital products and services. This chapter reports on a project to develop and deliver a series of pan-European summer academies for entrepreneurship training funded by Horizon 2020. The chapter details the process of developing the academies and offer reflections on the impacts of the project.
Bibikas, D., Vorley, T. and Wapshott, R. (2017) Pan-European entrepreneurial summer academies with impact: The case of STARTIFY7. In: Jones, P., Maas, G. and Pittaway, L., (eds.) Entrepreneurship Education: New Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Education. Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research, 7 . Emerald Publishing Limited , pp. 261-281. ISBN 978-1-78714-281-7