The Cultural Adaptation of the Everyday Problems Test—Greek Version: An Instrument to Examine Everyday Functioning

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Pavlidis G.
Hatzifilalithis S.
Marwan Zawaher N.
Papaioannou G.
Giagkousiklidou E.
Vivas A.B.
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Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine
Assessing cognitive decline and everyday functioning (EvF) in older age is valuable in detecting age-related neurological disorders. In Greece, there is a lack of sensitive instruments that capture fluctuations in EvF among older persons who are cognitively healthy or have subtle cognitive impairments. The EPT 28-items test, a widely used paper-and-pencil EvF measure, was translated in Greek and adapted to the Greek culture in this study. A multi-step methodology using a sample of 139 older Greek persons was employed. The results indicate that the Greek version of the EPT 28-items (i.e., the EPT-G) was well adapted, representing everyday tasks in Greece within a good range of task difficulty. The psychometric properties of the EPT-G replicate those of the original instrument, capturing EvF fluctuations among older persons with mild cognitive impairments. It was concluded that the EPT-G is a useful measure of EvF among Greek older persons.